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Whether you are implementing NetSuite for the first time or configuring it to better meet your business needs, we can help. Rely on our custom development or administrative services to put you on a sure path to success.
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Our mission:
To be the most reliable partner in the acceleration of your company's growth
We're more than an outsourcing resource. We're your most reliable partner for accelerating growth.
Make better decisions with better functional support.

When optimized NetSuite can be a real game changer for your business. As your growth partner, we can help. We focus on both improving efficiency and proactively guiding you towards optimized performance.

We take care of all things NetSuite: administration, integration, custom development and consulting. Which is why we say - You don’t have to do it alone. We’ve got your back.
Our Customers

ServiceRocket is a trusted partner for enterprises worldwide.

Optimization Built-In
Administration and Support
Automated Workflows
Configuration & Maintenance
Reporting & Visibility
Third-Party & Legacy Integrations
Developer as a Service
Custom Development
Functional & Non-functional Consultations
Third-party Vendor Integration & Escalation
Satisfaction & Smiles Built-In
Global, Anytime Support
From the US to the UK to Australia, and anywhere in between. Our expert support team provides follow-the-sun coverage, whenever and wherever you need it.
Certified Expertise + Experience
Benefit from both our NetSuite-certified expertise and rich experience of delivering multiple, flexible, end-to-end NetSuite solutions.
SLA-Backed Reliability
All of our managed services are backed by an SLA so you can be certain that the team will be available when you need them.
Create Actionable Information
Our managed services provide real-time transparency across your entire organization, enabling better decisions for your business.
Cost Effective
Rely on our team of NetSuite-certified experts to perform various roles for you, in a cost effective manner, and all in one place.
Hands-on Administration
We apply best practices to maintain your NetSuite applications, ensuring they continue to adapt to meet your evolving business needs. Knowing that your system is always up-to-date gives you peace of mind.
Flexibility to Meet Your Needs
Designed to provide the flexibility and agility your company needs, our subscription levels mean you only pay for the coverage you need.
Proactive Partner
Our team provides proactive advice every step of the way, all with the goal of improving efficiency and continuously preparing for the future state. We measure our success by your success.
Custom Solutions
Whether it is a third-party integration or using our developers as a service to custom build to your requirements, our solutions are tailored to your business needs, and align with your vision and roadmap.
Our company was looking for experienced NetSuite Developers, primarily from APAC, that would help us with connection between our custom-built platform and NetSuite via APIs.

I was very satisfied by working with ServiceRocket! Flexible team! They advised us on our approach and even though we changed the sales order characteristic found during one of the sprints, they managed to keep up with my tasks and simply delivered exactly what I ordered on a professional level.

I would love to work again with a happy smart and flexible bunch of people from ServiceRocket! I wish the ServiceRocket team all the best in moving forward and expanding their company.
Pavel Srámek
Senior Product Owner at Monstarlab
Before ServiceRocket was hired by our company, there was no visibility from the NetSuite system perspective and the action plan for our project was altogether missing. Having them involved in the project really helped to not only alleviate the pain point we were experiencing but also played a key role in addressing the issue at hand.

What I value the most about working with them are their commendable NetSuite expertise and their ability to adapt to the business requirement along with stellar service. They were really good at their work and able to provide solutions.

I would highly recommend ServiceRocket as they have a positive and never die attitude. This gets more effective as they have great communication skills and ability to manage complex business requests and goals which is appreciable.
Varun Jain
Senior Accounts Payable Manager at OLX Group
When we hired ServiceRocket as our consultant, they definitely helped a lot to speed up some of the development tasks. They have strong project management and technical experience gained from NetSuite and for me, this is the most valuable asset that enabled them to advise on any NetSuite related matters.

If given a chance, we would have hired ServiceRocket as a permanent staff instead of a consultant. I would recommend ServiceRocket as they have always been helpful and available to resolve the issue in a timely manner.
Samuel Wan
IT Director at Kamyuen
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Administration and Support
Managed Services for NetSuite
Hands-on Administration and Support
Discovery and Assessment
Administration and Support with Senior Engineering Team
NetSuite Configuration and Maintenance
User Issues Resolution
Automated Workflows (5 workflows)
Multiple Contact Options
Email, Web
Email, Web
IM, Email, Web
Monthly Plan Hours**
NetSuite Roles Management
Enhanced Functionality and Monitoring
Advanced Automated Workflows
Account Customization with SuiteScript
New Functionality and Customization Rollout Training
System Health Check
Custom Fields
Assessment and Advisory
Discovery and Assessment
Named Customer Success Manager
Solution Architect Design and Review
Non-financial NetSuite Advisory and Best Practices***
Advanced Customizations and Integrations
Custom Development of New NetSuite Pages
Third-party Application Integrations
Legacy System Integrations
Custom Training Development and Delivery
*     ServiceRocket provides live 12-hour coverage, M-F, 10:00 am-10:00 pm AEST.
**   Additional monthly hours are available at additional cost. For custom development, please visit our Development as a Service plans.
*** We do not provide financial or legal advise.
Developer as a Service
Managed Services for NetSuite
Custom Development
Development Support (hours/days)
Administration and Support
Non-financial NetSuite Consultation**
Services Review Meeting
Services Review Final Report
Remote Technical Team Members
up to 2
up to 3
up to 4
Multiple Contact Options
Email, Web
Email, Web
IM, Email, Web
Monthly Plan Hours***
Technical Lead
NetSuite Support Escalation
Functional Consultation
Third-party Vendor Integration (Boomi, Workato, Celigo)
Third-party Vendor Escalation
*     ServiceRocket provides live 12-hour coverage, M-F, 10:00 am-10:00 pm AEST.
**   We do not provide financial or legal advise.
*** Additional monthly hours are available at additional cost. For all other services, please visit our Administration and Support plans.
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